Engage your audience

SuperPose YOU.

What is SuperPose?

SuperPose is a software that simply SuperPoses YOU on your computer screen.
This enables your audience to see YOU on your presentation when you “screen-share”.


Present from anywhere!
(no studio setup required)
(no actual green-screen!)

This is how your screen looks, to yourself and your audience!

Your audience:

Enhanced audience engagement:
They’ll thank you for this!
(even if subconsciously)

Yes, SuperPose is a “green screen filter” on your computer. No major hardware required.
If you only have a laptop with the built-in camera (or separate webcam),
SuperPose will enhance the way you engage with your audience

You can use SuperPose together with ANY teleconferencing or broadcasting software.
SuperPose is not a social-media platform, nor does it use AI to manipulate your image.
It shows the REAL you!

Are you ready to enhance your presentation?
Choose one of the subscription packages here!
Or try it for free first!
(If you register an account, you get 15minutes of watermark-free use every 24 hours)
Subscribed users get unlimited watermark-free use for the whole subscription period

How to use:

1: Get computer and webcam ready.

3: Subscribe to remove watermark

2: Download & install SuperPose.
Register an account to get 15mins
water-mark free per day.

4: Use your mouse to resize the SuperPose image and drag around the screen!

The toolbar can be re-positioned.

Check out “Settings” to see other options.


Free Trial

It’s completely free
to download and install!
Once you register & login, you will get free 15mins of
use each day!


Subscribe to get unlimited watermark-free use for subscription term!

US$ 6.88 / month


Get 2 months off when you subscribe to the yearly package!

US$ 68.8 / year

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